Small fight

Last night I asked Dušanka: 
- Why does my heart feel so bad?
She just stared at me, not telling me a thing.
- Ok, I am being selfish... I see. Don't be angry, I'm just tired.
Then I asked again: 
- Why does my soul, I mean you, feel so bad?
She continues to stare at me, now with a tiny smile. 
Kinda like she enjoys my anxiety.

After a long silence she finally answers:
- These open doors... To whom they are? 
- Excuse me?
- These open doors... don't play fool on me!
What do you mean by that? 
- You wanna drawing...
- Ok... I am expecting someone. Don't know when or if is coming. For now...
Feels like it don't matter if he is arriving or not?
- He?
- Yes, your guest. He'll open doors when arrives. 
- Oh, belive me, it DOES matter... More than anything. Look, I never said...
- ...and, what time is it now boss!? He's got to know that visiting hours are over for you.
- Listen to me... I never said that someone is a man.

Long silance again.

These open doors... I want them closed!
- Cannot do it yet...
- These open doors are perfect invitation for mosquitos!
- I cannot sleep, will kill them all, no worries.
- Don't be a child with that fear of alone?
- Not until I figure out why does my heart feel so bad. 
- Good luck, you idiot...

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